I find myself thinking back to the times
When everything just seemed so simple, all ignorant bliss
When social interaction just sucked something fine
And the worst things were the first things that you couldn’t kiss
When thinking was simple, when nothing was evil
When everything went on its own merry way
The conventional means that we’ve learned through the years
Did us fine by the end of those meaningless days.

Taking a step back I can picture all the little things
That pleased me as a child, but the memories fade
The times are getting dark, I find it hard to get a spark
My fire’s getting weaker; reminiscence, a blade.
And if I stop to think, I realize I’m on the brink
Of something unbelievably intense and insane
I’m running to the other side, my family calls it suicide
I’m leaving though I know my life could go down the drain!

I miss the days when all was fine
We’d walk the streets to our own time
Still now those times are said and done
Now we’re left running from the sun

Delightful memories; cascading anniversaries
all lasting but a moment but remain in my mind
In the end it seems I’ve failed to see that though all the monotony
I’ve walked away with nothing, leaving me in a bind
And the sentimental values count for nothing in the long-run
If you’re looks ain’t up to snuff within the media’s eye
You can buy yourself a face, but lose your soul to join the race
It’s getting hard to keep the pace, you can’t erase, you can’t escape it, no!

I miss the days when all was fine
We’d walk the streets to our own time
But now reality has shown
That in the end, we haven’t grown
And now those times are said and done
It seems the worst has just begun
Those days, they used to be so fun
Now we’re left running from the sun


from E​.​S​.​C​.​A​.​P​.​E., released November 11, 2012



all rights reserved


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Tarby Grover Beach, California

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